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History and Playlists API

Single Sign-On starts to provide value when the user receives additional benefits when he logs on. Users are familiar with those services since they exist in all major media platforms.

Media history API

One of the first reasons for users to log in is to be able to find content, again. Being able to resume where you stopped the playback, even on another device, improves the user experience. With the History API, you can quickly deploy the same functionality on your own products.

Obviously, there is no magic: your mobile apps and website must send a request to the API whenever the user initiates playback, as well as at regular intervals for the API to keep track of the media history.

It is also simple to let your users remove elements from their history, or to clear the complete history.

Playlists API

Whether you want users to use a Watch Later playlist, or create their own news, cooking, sports playlists, the Playlists API will make this an easy job!