History Service

The History Service provides an API to manage a user's history that works along with the Single Sign-On provided by PEACH. The history contains information about media contents consumed by the user including the device and application where the content was consumed from. The service provides API endpoints to retrieve and update the history.

Features overview

Features Technical Notes
Information available/stored
User id The ID of the user
Media id The ID of the media content consumed
Last play back position The last position in the video or audio
Device id The device ID from which the content was consumed
Application id The application ID from which the content was consumed
Integration with Single Sign-On The history service requires the integration with an identity provider in order to authenticate the users.

All API requests are authenticated by the Identity Provider. The integration is described in the integration documentation.

Next steps

In case you are looking for integrating existing History Service on your website check API documentation.

In case you are interested to deploy History Service on your premises check the project for documentation and deployment instructions.

In both cases it can be helpful to check small demonstration page which provides an example of frontend application using History Service and Identity Provider.