Who are we ?

Out team is composed of developers, data scientists and stakeholder from multiple broadcasters:

Role Name Organisation Contact
Data Scientist Veronika Eickhoff BR veronika.eickhoff@br.de‎
Developer Daniel Krax BR daniel.krax@br.de‎
Developer Alexandre Capellaro RTS alexandre.capellaro@rts.ch
Developer Dominique Chion RTS dominique.chion@rts.ch
Developer Yury Brukau EBU brukau@ebu.ch
Stakeholder Michael De Lucia RTS michael.delucia@rts.ch
Stakeholder Anselm Eickhoff BR anselm.eickhoff@br.de
Scrum Master Aurélie Boiteux EBU boiteux@ebu.ch
Product Owner Michael Barroco EBU barroco@ebu.ch

Our values

  • Show, don’t tell
  • Honesty, trust and collaboration
  • High standards

Our skills

  • Diverse
  • Complementary

Our challenges

  • New technologies
  • Adapt
  • Distributed team